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JUPER has been dedicating more than 50 years in the water exploration market in Brazil.

We became reference in drilling rigs and tools manufacturing providing support to our customers and partners which, just like we do, focus on the conscious underground water exploration and environment preservation.

With that focus on sustainability we develop a line of underground water control and monitoring products. 



Cable Tools Rigs and Combined Cable Tools/Air Rotary Drilling Rigs with various mounting options.


Our drilling rigs operate with efficiency in water well construction and maintenance and cleaning wells.

We permanently keep replacement parts and offer second-to-none repair service.

We manufacture every tool needed for drilling, rehabilitation and a variety of water wells service.

High quality raw materials and strict quality control on every process gives high and long lasting performance to our tools.

A new concept in underground water exploration.


Well Control Monitoring

Automation, management and control of wells and well systems.

Economic innovation and efficiency to ensure clean water.


We are market leaders and reference in manufacturing of high quality water well drilling rigs and tools, since 1967. We are a third generation family-owned company, and for over our first 50 years we have been reference for our good relationship with costumers, contributors and partners.


JUPER is manufacturer of water well drilling, protection and monitoring equipments. We produce the best button bits, jars and clutches.


First and foremost, we kept our focus in sustainability and environment preservation, and therefore we also develop products that allow real time online water wells control and monitoring.


Create high quality products and services efficiently and collaborate for a sustainable environment development, producing social results through the practice of fair prices.


To be reference as a company that provides underground water solutions in a sustainable manner.


Social compromisse in manufacture of quality products, environment preservation and fair prices practice.



The origin of JUPER goes back to the 1940s, when our founder Ernesto Pery Martins da Silva importation business begins to import Bucyrus-Erie drilling rigs to Brazil. By the year of 1962, drilling rig industry starts in Brazil, consequently our government imposed import taxes for these products in a protectionist measure, which made importation unfeasible at that time. Therefore, grounded in the knowledge and experience acquired in the 20+years importing, commercializing and repairing drilling rigs, in the late 1960’s he decides to start his own manufacturing process of drilling machines and tools. So in 1967 JUPER was created and begins to build our own rigs in order to meet the growing demand. Since then every product manufacture have the highest quality standard.

In 1990 JUPER crossed brazilian boundaries and begin acting in Latin America and Europe. In 2003, aware of the need for environment preservation and conscientious use of natural resources, JUPER starts manufacturing of innovative wells control & monitoring equipments.


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